i am jeremy snyder, and this is my personal web site and blog.

i use this site to provider personal commentary about industry issues, things i feel like commenting on, and whatever else tickles my fancy.

A partial professional profile is below. For a full professional profile, please view my LinkedIn profile.




  • AdAsia, Virtual worlds and advertising, February 2008
  • Metaversum blog: 2007-current: corporate blog giving information about Metaversum GmbH and its products and customers
  • Yumondo blog: 2007-current: blog addressing issues in the social networking and urban stylesharing platform Yumondo and community management for Yumondo
  • Twinity blog: 2007-current: blog addressing issues in the virtual world of Twinity and community management for Twinity members
  • MedTerra blog: 2005-2006 (and occasionally in 2007): blog dealing with issues in health care and health insurance policies in the United States and medical tourism
  • Extensive Development blog, 2005-2006 (currently closed): blog dealt with business practices in Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Best Practices: Lease, Build or Buy, BizTech Magazine March 2006, co-authored by Lee Copeland, and viewable at http://www.biztechmagazine.com/article.asp?item_id=116



  • Born in Missouri
  • Lived the first 5 years in Missouri, Indiana and Finland (couldn’t tell you the exact dates for any of those)
  • Next lived in Germany, then San Francisco, then North Carolina (first Fayetteville, then Chapel Hill)
  • Spent a few more years in Finland in the early 90s
  • Back to North Carolina for a couple more years
  • Lived the longest of anywhere in the Northern Virginia area
  • Lived in Berlin, Germany
  • Now living in Singapore
  • I was a skateboarder from about age 12-18 actively. I still skate occasionally.
  • I got interested in snowboarding about 5 years ago.
  • My favorite music genres are hip-hop and world music.
  • My favorite book genres are sci-fi, fantasy and espionage/mystery.

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